TIGON Academy

A Tigon is the hybrid of a male tiger and a lioness. This hybrid is an example of our style of training. We take the traditional aspect of martial arts and add our own TIGON/hybrid touch. Our goal is to help the adults and the youth of today find their inner self and peace. We are here to guide our students through the martial arts world whether it is for self enjoyment, self growth or sport competition. Our style was created for everyone to enjoy. At TIGON Academy we strive for perfection. We train our students to maintain the highest standards, both physical and mental, for increased motivation and self-esteem.

TIGON Style Mixed Marital Arts (MMA)

With the traditions of Korean Tae Kwon Do and the philosophical principles of Jeet Kune Do we teach a blend of martial arts from stand-up (Tae Kwon Do / American Kickboxing / Muay Thai) to ground techniques (Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling) all blending into our TIGON MMA style. Under the instruction of TIGON Master Ronald McEvilly Jr. and other experienced martial arts instructors you will learn a self defense/combat style of training that has been devised over 12 years of Mixed Martial Arts training and competition .

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