TIGON Master Ronald C. McEvilly Jr

Born and raised in Troy, NY, and currently residing in Watervliet, NY, Master Ronald C. McEvilly Jr., had a dream of one day owning his own martial arts academy. His interest in martial arts began as a child through Tae Kwon Do however he did not recognize his full potential until his experiences in the military. Through the military's Combat and Survival Tactics Training (CSTT), Master McEvilly, began his training in self defense and mixed martial arts. In the late 90's McEvilly began training with TKD 5th Dan & Jeet Kune Do Practitioner Master Michael J. Harper. With his training and dedication, McEvilly earned both his 1st and 2nd degree AAU Black Belts under Master Harper. Through multiple seminars, private lessons and diverse training with various style instructors, Master McEvilly, devised his own Mixed Martial Arts style of fighting, which is now referred to as TIGON style. He has successfully competed in martial arts from TKD, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu & MMA in amateur, pro, expert & Black belt levels. Master McEvilly's dream of one day owning a school came true when TIGON Academy opened, in 2007. In 2013, the NYS Empire State Sports Council hired Ron to Chair the NYS Liberty Games Mixed Martial Arts for youth (Liberty Games). The very first was held on July 24, 2013 and it was well received. Ron’s promoting and safety measures were the keys to the success of this momentous event. He has shown his dedication and support of MMA by meeting with the NYS Legislation to help the critics understand the truth and honor behind the sport. When Master McEvilly is not training or preparing his fight team for competition, he is spending time with his family, employed as a Computer Administrator for the State of NY and enjoys outdoor recreation.

Jahloni Kum -- Adult/Youth Instructor
Jahloni is currently a Red Belt under TIGON Style. Jahloni is a leader amongst his peers with his concentration on education and self awareness. He is a natural athlete with the desire to succeed on all levels in life. He is currently working on gaining experience in all avenues of martial arts through tournaments and competitions. Jahloni is a well diverse young man making his mark in MMA. He is a strong mentor and carries himself well no matter the audience.

Michael Skiba - Adult/Youth Instructor
Mike is a Camo Belt under TIGON Style Youth and is currently a Green Belt in the Adult belt system. Mike came to TIGON with over 4 years of BJJ and 6 years of TKD; his diversity fit very well with our style of training. Mike has competed in MMA, Kickboxing and Grappling tournaments to give him his extensive experience. He is our designated corner/cut man and is a leader to the team. Mike is a people person that can motivate all. On his off-time he enjoys spending time with his family & friends, cross training, outdoors and playing the guitar.

Mitch Capitula -- Youth Junior Instructor
Mitch is currently a Brown Belt under the youth TIGON Style system. Mitch is an academic athlete who helps his peers on all levels. He is a great example of a young man to show others how to be successful in school academics and sports.

Tyler Swint – Junior Instructor
Tyler was a Brown Belt under TIGON Style Youth and is now a Green Belt under the Adult belt system. Tyler excels in academics and helps the students of the school achieve their goals. He represents himself and his school with honor & discipline.

Chelsie Dessingue – Junior Instructor
Chelsie was a Blue Belt TIGON Style Youth and is now a Green Belt under the Adult Belt System