Youth Classes

Our underlying goal is to help the youth of today engrain an attitude of discipline and structure in their everyday life by reminding our students that they are representing a lifestyle at all times whether they are in class, at school or with their friends.

Through motivation and self esteem building TIGON Style empowers our youth to be the best they can be in every situation which may be presented to them or others. Instructors at TIGON hold many roles. Mentoring is a big role of any of our instructors as we fully promote a family atmosphere.

TIGON also encourages our youth of today to give back to their community through various charities or community service. It is without a doubt that children are well equipt to handle themselves at home and they learn the skills in school to succeed however it is what happens in between, when we aren't there that they may not be ready for. It is our main objective at TIGON Academy to provide the in between.

A sense of security and self awareness for whatever situation arises mentally, physically or emotionally our students will have the proper tools to overcome and if they find themselves lacking anything they know they can turn to a mentor to help them through whatever struggle they may face.